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Duo is connect five without gravity. The game starts from a center point which counts for both players. Players can only place pieces on an empty space adjacent to that of any other existing piece. However, players can win with a diagonal line. The goal is to get 5 pieces in a line before your opponent. It recieved an honorable mention upon its unveiling in the MassDigi game challenge of 2013. It currently nearing the final stages of its in production.


IOS/ Android, PC, Mac, Tablet


Release Date:

To Be Decided

Tools Used:

Unity 3D, paint,, mono develop, Discord, Skype, Photoshop

   Duo was originally a basic paper adaptation of tic tac toe that was devised between me and a friend during my freshman year of college. Due to the size and amount of time it took to setup I began to adapt it into a digital format, eventually unveiling it at the 2013 Mass Digi Game Challenge where it'd be recognized as one of the runner-ups.

   However, like many first development experiences, it quickly devolved. I had originally chosen to work on it with a group of 5 friends alongside their other projects and found it to be ineffectual. It was dropped in 2014.

   I later returned to it in the Fall of 2016 after having expanded my skilled and understanding of game production as well development, programming, and art. Only one other member of the original group joined me in this task while I found an audio designer to ensure we could finish it.

   Duo is still in production, but is very close to being in a releasable state.


3 months

Team Size:



Game Designer, Director, and Programmer

My contributions:

  • Developed the game concept and rules.

  • Prototyped the game throughout its development.

  • Currently coding monetization

  • Created users database and functionality

  • Online Multiplayer (WIP)

  • Reopened its development

  • Re-scoped the project's size

  • Scouted out a digital music composer

  • Conducted playtests and surveys

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