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Evade the Black Knight is a game inspired by the old flash era of games where "Losing is Fun too". In it, you are lost inside a castle and have to escape the mysterious accursed Black Knight.


Tablet, PC, Mac


Release Date:

Still in Development.

Tools Used:

Adobe Flash

Evade the Black Knight was the first project I ever made on my journey to learning game design. It was back when Adobe Animate was still named Flash.

I was learning IT at my trade school, at the time, and would build it in my free time, learning small snippets of ActionScript I would bend to make functional as I went.

Even the art style was meant to be charming, light-hearted, and fast to make.


1 year

Team Size:


My contributions:

  • Everything

  • I came up the concept from the mantra "losing is fun too" 

  • Hard coded Knight's movement patterns rather than using AI

  • Made quick and snappy comical animations throughout

  • Took advantage of Flash's timeline to trigger sound effects and change music


Sole Creator

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