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Factions is a scifi trading card game in which you play as a faction within an interstellar empire. The goal is to reach 100 or more reputation before your opponent and keep it that way until the end of your turn.


Tablet, PC, Mac


Release Date:

Still in Development.

Tools Used:

Unity 3D, paint,, mono develop, PlasticSCM, Perforce, Slack, Photoshop, Trello, Google Docs

   Factions was a prototype being developed through Becker College's Game Studio class. Its goal is to include entire classes of students in a collaborative effort rather than a focused group and have them develop a project with the knowledge that others will have to continue their work during the next semester.

   Students were to meet in their class each day to discuss their current progress and plans of work in expanding the project.

   As a trading card game the art was produced using trello as an online Kanban board and GoogleDocs/ Drive to reference the cards the concepting teams would make.

   I participated in the spring semester of 2017.


15 weeks

Team Size:


My contributions:

  • Designed the game board and one of the faction leaders.

  • Created the board sprites.

  • Conceptualized the appearance of the Corrupt Blood faction leader.

  • Utilized trello as a Kanban board in conjunction with the other artists to swiftly complete the card art without overlapping.


UI Designer and Concept/ Card Artist

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