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Figma: The Heirophant Commission App

Heirophant is a commission app concept for artists to easily track there works, clients, payments, and progress.


This app has 1 main window in which each commission is listed in ScrollView box.

The top right button contains your client list with the total number of contacts denoted atop its corner.

At the bottom of the main window is a group of 3 buttons. The 1st, lets you add another commission field to the primary list. The 2nd, changes the degree of the app's notification pings. The 3rd, was requested as an alternate button for the client's in case in case the upper right button was changed to a User Profile button.

Commission Item Panel:

  1. Completion checkbox (circle)

  2. Commission Type Dropdown
    (Single Image, 2 Koma, Image Set, Comic, Animation, Game)

  3. Progress Dropdown
    (Unpaid, Paid, Rough Draft, ReRough, Finished, Early Release, Published)

  4. Details Button
    (Opens Details Overlay/ Modal)

  5. Delete Entry​

Details Overlay/ Modal:

Allows the user to input text as notes into the current Details section of the commission. Can also Drag n Drop Documents and store links into the app.​

Below that is an instructions panel that explains how to interact with the window.

And at the bottom is a ScrollArea containing every link and file attached to the commission entry.

Clients Overlay/ Modal:

​Contains a list of every client recorded within each commission entry, placed in a ScrollView.

Client entries are composed of a name, a user image/icon, a list of each commission they have active/ recorded within the app, and their contacts binding a Username/ phone number to the Site/ Messenger/ Phone/ Fax/etc...

Confirmation Overlay/ Modal:

This window is the highest on the render order.

A confirmation box, primarily used within this app for closing modal windows and deleting entries in any and included list.

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